We at Skjonberg Controls are committed to making every sale a positive experience from first contact to the final follow-up.  Our goal is to help you find the best solution to your motion control requirements.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and durability of our equipment.  Our equipment has logged millions of miles of touring and is installed into venues worldwide.   

Company founder and President, Knut Skjonberg, has developed many staging innovations that helped to revolutionize rock staging:

First on the touring scene with the CHC, Computerized Hoist Control, in 1984.

First with fully programmable servo control system in 1989.

First to offer variable speed control for chain hoists in 1991.

First to debut a load monitoring system for touring in 1993.

First to provide UL Listed equipment on hoist control & power distribution in 1997.

As the company grew through word of mouth from production personnel, staging and
lighting companies and designers, a line of chain hoist control products has been developed and is now the found in most venues and tours.


Meet The Crew

Knut Skjonberg launched his first company installing and maintaining industrial control equipment. This evolved into custom control design for clubs and staging.  He continues to drive the design and product development aspect of the company focusing today on refining and programmable control for touring and architectural projects.  Knut is regarded as a leader and standard bearer in the industry with a career-long commitment to safety and quality.

Monica Skjonberg works with Knut and Sales Representative, Maricela Garza, bidding and coordinating custom projects and providing general administration.

Angela Archibeque, Sales Representative, has been with Skjonberg Controls since 1996.  She knows the company inside out, having worn many hats.

Jorge Diaz, Production Manager, has been with the company since 1996.  He oversees the manufacturing process and is the primary service representative.

Ivan Campos, Sr. Technican, leads construction of our winches and our permanently installed equipment.  Ivan is our start-up tech for permanently installed projects.

Carolyn Meyer, Accounting and Marketing Director, has been with Skjonberg Controls for nearly a decade, with time out for a short retirement.  Her extensive background in both disciplines helps us steer a steady course.







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